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Hello World, My name is Rotense Gabriel, Experienced Software Engineer, Mentor & Aspiring Ethical Hacker. It all started some years ago when i started operating computer systems. I wasn't taught by anyone, Then later i started blogging and creating of some wapsite using HTML/CSS with jQuery.
Some years later, I created some freelance accounts and started bidding on different jobs there. Some of the clients liked my work so I got myself few long-time gigs. I started learning JavaScript to enhance my "web powers", but after a while, realizing that i was in love with automations, I dropped it and started learning Python, and when I felt that I understood what is going on under the hood, I picked Django as my backend tools while using Javascript on the frontEnd. I also added NodeJS (back-end) to my skills palette so I could provide more Full-Stack JavaScript services. 🙂
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Besides building the script exactly to our needs - the real value is how much he makes sure that you understand how to use the tools once delivered.
Peter Colins
As usual, you delivered if before the deadline and its working like a charm. Great to work with you. You never disappoint me. I highly recommend Rotense. He is no doubt a great IT specialist i have had the pleasure to work with. Looking forward to working with you in the future my Boy! :).
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